The papers from the fields of use of new technologies, R&D, tourism, patent, finance, hygiene, new-generation products, resource management, human resources management, document and archive management, performance management, product development, design, occupational health and safety, risk management, software programs, patient relations, health institutions management, innovative product management, international health management and practices and also the papers from nursing and health field will be addressed in our congress organized and held by stanbul Association of Science and Academicians. Needs for technology are increasing day by day. The emergent needs and the individual demands that develop in parallel with this increase day by day. Individual approaches, especially national and international institutions, are changing day by day in terms of demand and it is important to be able to respond to these requests that are emerging according to the needs in the fastest and reliable way. It is clear that the list of these needs is predominantly of innovation-weighted products. It is possible to list many different categories of products related to product, service, production management, technological speed, laboratory services, registration and e-system services, internet and technology usage at the beginning of these requests in health institutions and health fields. The health tourism that has emerged in recent years and the health services offered for it have to constantly improve and renew themselves. For this reason, institutional and individual studies, especially scientific studies on innovation-oriented studies, services, products and strategies, are important. There will be the studies in nursing and health fields in the field of both national and international innovation in our congress. It will be possible to present all kinds of studies about the current and future planned studies in the field of invasion of other branches of science which are in cooperation with health and health field, in particular nursing area. We already thank all of our participants, followers and supporters and we wish that the congress will be beneficial and productive for all the world's scientists, especially our country.


Prof. Dr. Ümran SEVL

Head of the Congress