Ebru BEKMEZCİ, Halime Esra MERAM
Sexual health is the basis of the physical, emotional and social health of the individual, family and society. The approach of the health professionals who provide this service is as important as the quality of the health services of the countries in raising the sexual health levels of individuals. The World Health Organization emphasizes the importance of respecting and fulfilling the sexual rights of individuals in achieving and maintaining sexual health. Ethics is all of the good, correct, reliable and acceptable moral principles that guide the solution of the dilemmas that arise in the provision of health services. In recent years, with the advancement of technology in the field of health, solutions to health problems can be produced on the other hand, it can cause ethical problems. In this context, it is important for health professionals to be aware of the ethical problems experienced in the field of women's health and to know the laws concerning women's health so that they can make ethical decisions in ethical dilemmas. For this purpose, in this review, frequently encountered, adolescent pregnancy, assisted reproductive techniques and gynecological examination, sexual health issues are included within the framework of ethical principles determined for the nursing profession.

Anahtar Kelimeler: Sexual health, Ethics, Ethical issues