Tufan Aslı SEZER
Introduction: With the developing technology and innovative approaches in the literature, it is suggested that robots can be used in care, especially for pediatric patients, in a very effective and therapeutic way. In addition, considering that pediatric patients are in the Z generation today, it becomes necessary to consider technological-based approaches that enable them to adapt effectively in interventions and care practices. Method: In this study, it is aimed to examine the robot-based approaches used in the field of pediatric nursing. In the study, Pubmed and Google Scholar databases were limited to include the last 5 years and were searched using the keywords "robot-based intervention, pediatric nursing". Results: Although it is widely used in the field of health in the literature, it has been determined that there are still limited studies in the field of nursing. When we look at the studies, it has been seen that robot-based studies are mostly done with autistic children or children with physical disabilities and they are used especially in the development of movement skills and communication skills of children. In limited studies, it has been reported that it is generally used before interventional procedures, in pain and stress control, and in game-based applications, and it is effective. Conclusion: With robot-based approaches, pediatric nurses can help pediatric patients who may be adversely affected by the hospital environment to experience their care processes and treatments with less trauma in children. For this, more clinical studies with robotic interventions are needed and the use of robots can make an important contribution to the field of pediatric nursing.

Anahtar Kelimeler: Nurrsing, Child, Robot-based interventions